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I saw my head there

2017, installation (video, 35mm slide projector)


Countless stone statues of Buddha without their heads have overwhelmed visitors at Nihonji Temple in Nokogiriyama. Some of the statues have been installed with someone else's head in later years which action is called "Okubitsunagi". These statues are not only the religious idols but also a unique installation arts. There are various views of the reason why the statues had been cut off their heads. Some say it was because of movements of abolish Buddhism in the Meiji restoration. And others say it was because of the superstition that your wish would come true if you could find the statues similar to someone you like, cut its head off and hold a memorial service. What kind of feeling would be like when you cut off the statues’ heads which supposed to be the object of faith until yesterday?

This work was created as an installation art of “Nanso Kanaya Geijutsu Tokku”, artists-in-residence program. It was exhibited on the 1st and 2nd floors of the Suzuki family's stone warehouse, which is a registered tangible cultural property of the Kanaya Museum of Art Annex.

Group exhibition "Nanso-Kanaya-Geijutsu-Tokku" (2017) installation view (Venue: Kanaya Museum of Art Annex)

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