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May all your wounds heal

2021, single channel video with 5.1ch surround sound, 5min5sec, color


It's a background that I haven't specifically mentioned in this film and that no one can know, but last year a family member who had cancer had part of her body surgically removed. I created this film based on my experience of indirectly feeling that pain as a stranger. I think it was a psychological pain I felt from the painful appearance after her surgery, but for me it was an inexplicable sadness.

Practically speaking, we cannot feel the pain of others, though if you physically connect the nerves in your brain to each other, you might be able to feel it. My simulated experience of this pain seemed to me as if some complex neural transmission was taking place which could not be interpreted.

While watching the white objects in the film spin and fall, I hoped that time and wounds would melt away, and that someone's physical or emotional pain would heal.

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